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TJ Rogers' "Blind" Part
TJ hits the Hollywood 16 once again and handles some iconic cuts in The City. Even security recognizes the talent.

TJ Rogers Berrics Part
  Blind and Tensor Pro TJ Rogers has put the finishing touches on a video part that will blow you away. With huge drops, super technical lines, an...

Nassim Lachhab's "Indy" Part
  Check out Blind Pro Nassim Lachhab’s Indy Part Follow Nassim Lachhab - Filmed by Blai Costa - htt...

Nassim Lachhab's "Khouya" Part
The graceful style might trick you into believing a five block huck is easy, but rest assured, Morocco’s Nassim Lachhab is a master in his field. ...

Sora "Time Change" Part on The Berrics
Straight outta Kanagawa, Japan... @sora_shirai just dropped his first Blind part on the Berrics. Sora is the future!

Jordan Maxham | Blind Reaper Returns
Jordan Maxham for the Blind Reaper Returns Graphic Series.    

Tj Rogers | Blind Reaper Returns
Tj Rogers for the Blind Reaper Returns Graphic Series.

What's going on Micky Papa?
Check out Micky Papa’s new part for Ricta Wheels with a guest appearance from weckingball.