Blind OG Reaper Apparel Drop

The OG Reaper is back. New Apparel drop featuring our classic reaper logo.

TJ Rogers RISING video part

TJ absolutely killed it in his RISING part! Style, tech, drops, and good vibes like always from our good homie TJ! Watch the full part below as featured on the Berrics.

Filmed by Mike Aldape, Eric Clavel, Chase Gabor, Aleks Lewandowski, Devin Lopez, Jordan Moss, Tyrone Monroe, and Wade Power.

Kevin Romar on the Nine Club

Romar sits down with Chris and Rog to get the Nine Club treatment! Kevin discusses growing up in Cypress CA, getting on flow for Powell, flowed by Popwar, trying nollie back 360 down Wallenberg, getting on Blind, riding for es footwear for a minute then going to Supra, breaking his jaw, filming for the Blind video “Damn”, turning pro for Blind, DJ’ing for Hopsin and much more!