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“Unbelievable control, precision and pushing the boundaries best describe skating with Sewa any day of the week.”



Where are you from and where do you live now?

I’m from Alkmaar which is a city in Holland, but right now I live in Los Angeles.


First Board?

My very first board was a 15 dollar complete from a store that sells all kinds of stuff for different sports. The trucks were really thin and the wheels were plastic, but I was super hyped on it!


When did you start skating?

I started skating when I was 10 (almost 11) so it’s been 14 years now.


What is your go to trick?

Depends where I’m going to… But usually kickflip or hardflip.


What year were you born?



What is your favorite size Blind deck?

7.75 wide and 31.6 length.


Favorite music?

Rap/Hip Hop


Favorite artists?



Best Movie?

There are too many good movies but one of my favorite is ‘City of God’.


Who do you ride for?

Blind, Red Bull (Europe), LRG (Europe), Rollin skateshop, Haze wheels, Venture trucks, MOB grip


What skate video should everyone watch?

All the Blind video’s, Lakai fully flared, the DC video





What is the hardest trick for you?

Backside 180 to switch bs nosegrind… Been trying that one for a while, but I can never hold the grind that long..


If you could have one Blind team riders trick what would it be and why?

Kevin’s nollie bs 360, cause I would like ┬áto know how it feels to fly down stairs with this trick like he does.


What do you do when your not skating?

Hanging out with my girlfriend, watch movies and sometimes read something.


Who is your favorite skater?

My top 3 would be: Paul Rodriguez, William Phan and Bastien Salabanzi


Advice to new skaters?

Keep doing what you love to do and don’t let anything come in between.


Must have food?

Asian food


Favorite thing about skateboarding?

The freedom and it’s endless, cause you can always learn or see new tricks and you can always find new/different type of spots so it will never ever get boring.

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