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  • Sean Sheffey

Sean Sheffey
“One of the pioneer’s of street skating and taking it to the next level Sheffey has always laid it down. His part in the Life video as Soldiers Story will always be held as one of the all time greatest.”



Where are you from and where do you live now?

Washington, D.C. /San Diego California. 


First Board?

Rob Robskopp!! Santie Cruzie


When did you start skating?



What is your go to trick?

Think it through safety rules.


What year were you born?


What is your favorite size Blind deck?

I ride the 7.6 specially costumed for me and what ever Blind graphics we have.


Favorite music?

Yo the Wu Tang Clan all of them rip up the mic!! 


Favorite artists?

U know & beats true musicians!!


Best Movie?

I like em all!


Who do you ride for?

Blind Skateboards!! Etnies Shoes, Paradox Grip!! Nixon!! Laced Clothing!! Tensor Trucks!! The best products out here u know!!


What skate video should everyone watch?

All of them are great!





What is the hardest trick for you?

Staying on my board


If you could have one Blind team riders trick what would it be and why?

All of them are my teammates and are the best and I love them!!


What do you do when your’re not skating?

Working, exercising, have fun!!


Who is your favorite skater?

In the sun under the moon light.


Advice to new skaters?

Skate it up.


Must have food?

Love food!!


Favorite thing about skateboarding?

The smell of success yes!!


Words of wisdom?

Live long skate & live smart and appreciate every thing!! Blinds Skateboards all the way and thank u to all my sponsors I Love u and could not do this with out you and hi Mom and family I Love 1!!

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