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Morgan Smith
“Speedy lines, style and a high level of difficulty are common place for this incredible talent from the Great White North.”



Where are you from and where do you live now?

Born in Toronto,Ontario, lived in the surrounding area for my whole life and I live in downtown Toronto now.


First Board?

My mom bought me an old school board with a snake on it for my 6th birthday, pretty sure it was from Zellers.


When did you start skating?

Always had a board since I was 6, but really started skating everyday when I was 12 or 13.


What is your go to trick?

 Depends what we’re skating, sw flips or nollie flips I guess, back tails too.


What year were you born?



What is your favorite size Blind deck?

S12, 7.75


Favorite music?

Rap, hip-hop


Favorite artists?

Juicy J, Nas, changes all the time though.


Best Movie?

Training Day, Aliens 1,2&3, Indiana jones, Predator 1&2


Who do you ride for?

Blind Skateboards, DC shoes & apparel, Venture Trucks, sml wheels, Bluetile lounge skate shop, ETC… , Nixon 


What skate video should everyone watch?

The firm video – can’t stop.





What is the hardest trick for you?

Nollie hard flips 


If you could have one Blind team riders trick what would it be and why?

TJ’s sw fs biggies because he can huck them down literally anything really easily.


What do you do when your not skating?

Shoot photos, read random stuff that interests me, research/buy/cook/eat good food, chill with friends, lurk the Internet, bike/lurk the city.


Who is your favorite skater?

Javier Sarimento


Advice to new skaters?

Have fun, enjoy it, take your time.


Must have food?

Green smoothies


Favorite thing about skateboarding?

Ledges, flat, always something to learn.


Words of wisdom?

Try to make the most of things because it could always be worse.

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